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A platform where self-improvement meets action. I’m Alex Brown, a personal development writer, and I’m on a mission to inspire greatness in others by motivating the world, one word at a time.

I operate from a simple mantra in my life: Motivated And Disciplined.

This is the guiding phrase I use for everything from business to personal relationships (and everything in between). Show up, be consistent, believe in yourself, honor your word, move with integrity, and stay disciplined toward your grandest goals and dreams. However, I haven’t always been this way.

Let me share…

My Story

This is me in 2008; I was 16 years old. A pot-smoking, party-going, 3-time high school dropout. This was among the lowest moments in my life: I was a broke, jobless, high-as-a-kite failure with no hope for the future. I blamed everything and everyone for my miserable lot in life.

For years, I took the easy way out. I constantly sought comfort, always trying to escape any sense of responsibility. And you can bet I paid the price with poor self-confidence, a low-quality social circle, and a lack of direction. I was disgusted with myself.

And that was when I finally understood what the real problem was: Me.

My poor decisions brought me to that point. But I realized if I got myself in that position, that meant I could also get myself out. There was hope.

So, I cleaned up my act… I quit the drugs, stopped partying, ditched the loser friends, and began focusing on my goals. My first major ambition? Music.

Freestyle Rapper

I chased this new ambition of becoming a rapper every day.

And over time it began paying off as I started building a reputation for myself as the premier freestyle rapper in my city. This notoriety led to countless performance opportunities at:

  • Bars
  • Lounges
  • Cafes
  • School assemblies
  • Summer camps for kids
  • Charity events
  • Weddings
  • Nightclubs, etc.
People knew and respected me. But most importantly, I respected myself (an outcome I desperately wanted). The change from 3-time high school dropout to freestyle rap extraordinaire put me on the self-improvement path.
For the first time in my life, I saw a person of value and self-worth when I looked in the mirror—I discovered a glimpse of my greatness.  I finally saw someone who could:
  • Remain disciplined through difficulty
  • Surmount setbacks
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Exercise fortitude to face failure
  • See my goals through to the end
And I realized that if I just focused, applied myself, and fought for what I wanted, I could triumph. The change in my character, competence, and confidence was incredible. This led me to become a…

Personal Development Speaker

The more I embraced this new identity, the more I fought for my goals and, as a result, the more victories I achieved. I wanted to share this insight with others.

So I began speaking on self-improvement, goal setting, healthy habits, self-discipline, etc. I had the honor and privilege of speaking for numerous organizations, such as:

  • The YMCA
  • The Western Canada Leadership Conference
  • The 12th Annual My World Conference
  • The Calgary Police Department
  • Numerous school assemblies and charity events

And it was as a self-improvement speaker that I started my first blog. Initially, the purpose of that blog was to bolster my speaking career. But as I wrote about self-improvement, I realized another avenue I wanted to explore—the written word.

Self-Improvement Writer

full-time writerI decided writing was another way I could spread my message.

So I blogged every day, wrote hundreds of articles, guest posted on numerous sites, and even published my first self-help book. This led to freelancing opportunities, and eventually, I landed a position as a full-time writer at one of Canada’s top Digital Marketing agencies.

It didn’t take long before my writing career expanded. I soon started writing for one of the world’s fastest-growing Life-Coaching Certification companies, Certified Flourishing Coach, as well as one of the world’s largest online communities of entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurs HQ.

And that’s when this hunger for growth took on a life of its own.

Athlete & Martial Artist

My desire for self-improvement spilled over into athletics.

I ran 4 half marathons and 2 full marathons in 2021. Little did I know how these accomplishments would set the stage for even bigger and loftier goals.

Next, I decided to become a martial artist by taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu (a martial art and combat sport).

As I began a consistent training regime, I felt a gnawing impulse to challenge myself again. So, I set a goal to travel throughout Asia to train and learn from World Champion Martial Artists.

I gave up my cozy life in Canada by sold all my possessions, found someone to take over my apartment lease, and purchased a one-way ticket to Asia.

I traveled to Singapore, Thailand, The Maldives, and Malaysia, training at some of the best martial arts academies on the continent.

But despite this, I was still eager to push myself, to see where else I could grow and what else I was capable of. So, I quickly set new goals. I wanted to keep up the momentum I had built. Immediately after returning to Canada from my trip to Asia, I took off once again.

But this time, from the humid subtropical climate of Southeast Asia to the arid desert of the Middle East, where I ran my first Spartan Race in the Al-Watbah desert outside of Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

I had never run a Spartan Race before. But again, my desire to grow, develop, and see what I was made of compelled me to take on this challenge. The result? I placed 67th out of the 560 participants in my age bracket and completed the race in less than an hour.

I went from a pot-smoking 3-time high school dropout to a freestyle rapper, self-improvement writer and speaker, martial artist, and Spartan warrior! My experiences have taught me that greatness truly does reside in all of us.

If I can improve and get better, so can you. So, if you’re serious about conquering your challenges, attacking your ambitions, and unveiling the best of yourself to the world, I want to help.

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