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Welcome to AlexBrownOfficial.net, a platform where self-improvement meets action. I’m Alex Brown, a personal development writer and speaker. And I’m on a mission to empower individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

I understand life can be challenging and that the path to success is not easy. That’s why I created this platform, to provide a no-nonsense approach to self-improvement.

Here, you will find the tips, tools, and tactics to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

My Story

This was me at 16 years old in 2008.

A pot-smoking, party-going, 3-time high school dropout. This was the lowest moment in my life: I was a broke, jobless, high-as-a-kite dropout with no hope for the future.

I blamed everything and everyone for my miserable lot in life.

And this continued for several years until I finally realized the real problem—me. I took the easy way out too many times. And now, I was paying for it with poor self-esteem, a low-quality social circle, and a lack of direction.

So I cleaned up my act: I quit the drugs, stopped partying, ditched the loser friends and began focusing on my goals. And the one thing I truly care about at the time? music.

Moving in a Positive Direction

I began practicing freestyle rapping every day. As a result, I developed my skills to where I built a reputation for myself as the premier freestyle rapper in my city.

This notoriety led to countless performance opportunities at:

  • Bars
  • Lounges
  • Cafes
  • School assemblies
  • Summer camps for kids
  • Charity events
  • Weddings
  • Nightclubs, etc
People knew and respected me. But more importantly, I respected myself. The change from 3-time high school dropout to freestyle rap extraordinaire put me on the path of self-improvement.
This eventually led me to become a…

Personal Development Speaker

My love for rap eventually evolved into a love for public speaking. This was a natural consequence of my recognizing the value of self-improvement.

The more I improved myself, the more my life improved along with me. And I wanted to inspire others with that message. So I began speaking on the power of self-improvement, goal setting, discipline, healthy habits, etc.

I had the honour and privilege of speaking at:

  • The YMCA
  • The Western Canada Leadership Conference
  • The 12th Annual My World Conference
  • The Calgary Police Department
  • Numerous schools assemblies and charity events

And it was as a self-improvement speaker that I started my first blog.

Initially, the purpose of that blog was to bolster my speaking career. But as I wrote about self-improvement and personal development every day, I realized another avenue I could inspire others—the written word.

Transition to Self-Improvement Writer

I decided writing was another path I could spread my message.

So I blogged every day and even self-published my first self-help book. This led to me freelancing and eventually, landing a position as a full-time writer at one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Canada.

I was also making strides in other areas; I had…

  • Run two marathons (and four half marathons)
  • Started training in martial arts
  • Gotten in the best shape of my life

And now, I had my dream job.

And all of this stemmed from taking consistent action, cutting the excuses, and focusing on my goals and dreams.

I changed my life, and now, I want to help change yours…

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Stay motivated and disciplined.

Sign up for weekly tips to make progress toward your goals.

We don’t spam!