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Do Yourself a Favour; Add This Key Habit to Your Daily Routine

There’s no shortage of self-improvement habits to add to your daily routine. Everything, from exercise to meditation, has been covered extensively in other blogs as well as this one. And quite frankly, all of these habits have merit.

The reason being is that no healthy habit on its own will transform your life.

All your habits work together to create a better, stronger, and healthier you. But there is one habit that — from my experience — can have a powerful impact on you. And I believe it’s a gateway to more introspection as well as the development of other healthy habits.

And the best part? It takes only a few minutes, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

An Invaluable Habit You Should Add to Your Daily Routine

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You should try journaling. It’s a simple, easy, and healthy habit that provides numerous benefits. I have had a daily journaling habit for nearly four years now. And it is easily one of the best practices I’ve incorporated into my life.

Let me explain. Here are a few benefits you will experience from a regular journaling habit.

  • Clarity: When you journal, you organize your thoughts. This process allows you to gain a better understanding of what’s important to you. As a result, you can more easily make better decisions that are more aligned with your values.
  • Accountability: Think of your journal as your personal accountability partner. As you write in (and review) your journal, your goals become ingrained in your mind. Consequently, this keeps you accountable for your goals and objectives in life.
  • Focus: Let’s face it, you’re forgetful, and so am I; we all are. A journal serves as a reminder of what’s most important in your life at this moment in time. It refocuses your attention on your values and ensures you’re continually moving in that direction.

3 Easy Tips to Start a Journalling Habit

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If you need some guidance for adopting a journaling habit into your daily routine, I’ve got you covered. My first recommendations are to…

1. Get a Quality Notebook

Remember, your journal is a guiding system. It helps keep you “on track” toward your most cherished goals. For this reason, it deserves a high-quality, durable notebook. Moreover, a first-rate pad will make it more likely that you’ll actually write in it.

So invest the $40 to $60 in a top-notch leather-bound journal. You’re worth it.

2. Make it a Daily Practice

Consistency in anything is paramount for positive results. And journalling is no different. When you make journalling a daily habit, you will experience its benefits much quicker. For this reason, consistency is essential regarding this practice.

Even if you’re writing for only 5 minutes, make it a habit to write at least one entry every day. So set a definite time each day when you can write uninterrupted.

3. Write Freely

In your journal, there are no rules.

Write whatever comes to mind and form a stream of consciousness—don’t censor yourself. This technique is important because what comes to mind the moment you lay pen to pad is what you’re truly thinking and feeling. By writing freely in this manner, the real, unfiltered, and uncensored you come to the surface.

And this is exactly what you want to draw out of yourself.

You’ll be surprised at the insights that are bubbling beneath the surface. Moreover, you may discover you’re much more intelligent and creative than you originally gave yourself credit for.

This process does two things for you:

  1. It Acts as a Release: Many times, you’ll have pent-up frustrations that bog you down mentally. The act of journalling releases those negative emotions, allowing you to feel calm and relaxed afterward.
  2. It Helps You Solve Your Problems: Journalling is thinking on paper. When you try to solve your problems by thinking about them alone, it’s hard to come up with definite solutions. The reason is that your thoughts are abstract and fleeting. When you journal, however, you turn your thoughts from abstract ideas into concrete solutions. They become more tangible and easier to act on.

Next Step: Add Journalling to Your Daily Routine

Journalling can change your life if done consistently. And this is not hyperbole; I’m speaking from personal experience. So if you’re ready for more self-awareness and introspection, add a journalling practice to your daily routine today.

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