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How Freestyle Rap Taught Me To Fight For What I Want In Life (The One-Hour Rule)

Freestyle rap…

You most likely wouldn’t associate this activity with self-improvement. And yet, this has been one of the most impactful things that has contributed to my personal development. If you’re unfamiliar with this art form, let me explain it to you…

Freestyle rap is the art of making raps up on the spot about things you see in your immediate environment.

No preparation, no rehearsal, no notes.

Just you, the beat, and the audience. It’s actually a very magical experience. And it has been an essential building block in laying the foundation of my life path. Moreover, freestyle rap has helped to develop “the dog” in me—the fighting spirit required to relentlessly attack my goals.

Here’s how this art form taught me to fight for what I want in life.

And (more importantly) how the principles I’ve learned from this craft can change your life as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Facing Rejection

When you start out in anything, you’re not going to be very good. Humbly passing through the rookie stage is the price you have to pay for mastery (in any endeavor). As such, when I began reaching out to various venues inquiring about performance opportunities, my lack of skill was a huge detriment.

The result? I faced rejection after rejection.

I contacted countless DJs, club promoters, event marketers, etc… All I got back was crickets. Nobody wanted to give the “new kid” a shot. And quite frankly, I understood why. I had no experience or track record of being able to hold down an audience; no one knew who I was.

Now, I could have whined and griped about this…

However, I quickly learned that whenever difficulty arises, opportunity can be found. And these rejections provided me with the humbling opportunity to focus on my craft and learn how to do what I do exceptionally well.

So I went to work…

The Book That Changed My Life

During this time, I was reading a book called “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. This book changed my life. In it, he mentions that you should spend a minimum of 1 hour a day focusing on whatever it is you truly love/want to do with your life.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Deida mentions in this book that if you aren’t willing to commit (at least) 1 hour every day doing what you love, that you don’t deserve to have your dream and that, in fact, your dream will forever remain that—just a dream.

That hit me hard.

Because there was no way on God’s green earth that I was going to allow my aspirations to remain a vague dream that was only limited to my imagination. So I made the commitment to practice the art of freestyle rap every day for a minimum of one hour.

Two Short Years

At first, not much happened from this practice; however, I remained persistent. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this period of my life, it’s that when you truly want something, the time it takes to get it becomes irrelevant. And that’s how I felt about this process.

I didn’t care how long it was going to take.

As a result, I kept up with the daily practice: one hour a day—every day. And after two years of consistent daily effort, the shift began to take place. It was subtle at first. But I began noticing I could entertain my audiences in ways I could never do before. People started coming up to me after my performances telling me how much they enjoyed the show.

And soon the tables began to turn…

Because those same DJs, club promoters, and event marketers who blew me off were now—all of a sudden—in my inbox asking if I was available to perform at their showcases. In two short years, my life had completely shifted. I had gone from a Mr. Nobody to performing at:

  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Lounges
  • Nightclubs
  • Charity events
  • Summer camps for kids
  • School assemblies, etc.

The Lesson I Learned From This Process

The problem with most people is a lack of persistence. Impatience. If people think they don’t get their goals in a couple of days or weeks of consistent effort, they throw in the towel. But the truth is—depending on the goal and the effort you put in—it can take months or even years to reach your objectives.

So here’s the deal…

To have any kind of chance of success, you need to commit. So I always tell people, “If you can’t commit to a minimum of two years of consistent daily effort, don’t even try because you’ll just waste your time.”

This may sound harsh.

However, the truth stands. Success requires continual effort and infinite patience. And that’s where the idea of The One-Hour Rule comes in. If you refer back to my story, I practiced my freestyle rap skills for a minimum of one hour a day.

I didn’t do anything special; I just committed to one hour…

The “Secret” To Making This Work For You

There is a simple “hack” that will make all of this come together for you. Here it is: Whatever it is you decide to devote your time, energy, and attention to, make sure it is something you genuinely love and enjoy.

You will never stick to anything long term if you don’t actually enjoy doing it.

I spent two years practicing and developing my freestyle rap skills every day—with no guarantee that my efforts would be rewarded—because I absolutely loved doing it.

So the secret to The One-Hour Rule is to apply it to something that truly makes you happy.

Next Step: Start Your Self-Improvement Journey Today

Freestyle rap was a catalyst for my path of self-improvement. It was the first thing that truly gave me the confidence and self-belief to go after my bigger and grander goals and dreams. Moreover, it became the foundation that I continue to build off of even to this very day. And now, I want to help you on your personal development journey.

So if you’re serious about your self-improvement, sign up for The Motivated And Disciplined Newsletter below for free personal growth tips delivered weekly to your inbox.

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