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3 Miraculous Things That Happen When You Grow a Backbone

Be nice, kind, gentle. Don’t rock the boat. Go along to get along, etc. These notions echoed throughout our lives have had a tremendous effect on how we interact with others. And yes, I agree; you should be kind and respectful to people. However, I also believe that you should have some bite to you. In other words, grow a backbone.

You should be able to snap back at a moment’s notice if someone is overstepping their boundaries: being uncivil when it is unwarranted is never an acceptable code of conduct.

And you should know how to handle yourself in such circumstances.

In short, you should grow a backbone. And in this post, I’m going to share with you 3 miraculous things that happen when you decide to grow one.

1. You’ll Grow Teeth

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When you grow a backbone, you’ll develop teeth. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means you’ll have that “bite” I eluded to earlier. You’ll be edgier and more formidable. And this will result in people thinking twice before trying to do you dirty.

But this can only be achieved when you learn to push back when you get pushed.

And by doing so, those aggressors will feel that sense of strength emanating from you. Consequently, once you see you have it in you to strike back, you will — by default — earn greater levels of self-respect.

Many people are afraid to show aggression toward others. But sometimes it’s a necessary act, as it will allow the other person to see where your boundaries are. And this leads us to the second thing that will happen when you grow a backbone, which is…

2. You’ll Earn the Respect of Others

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It would be nice if everyone respected each other simply based on the fact that each of us is human, and we all have inherent value. However, the hard truth is that’s just not the case. This is not to say that you should be rude to everyone you meet until they earn your goodwill.

Absolutely not; you won’t get anywhere in life with that approach.

What I’m saying is you will have to earn the respect of people. Don’t expect it to just be allotted to you because you’re a good person. Instead, BE a respectful person by standing up for yourself (and others) when it’s required of you.

And you will see, people will give that admiration to you.

Moreover, it will actually feel even better that way simply because you know it’s real. And you know that it’s based on virtuous qualities that you can develop within yourself.

Here are some characteristics to adopt that will help you grow a backbone and be a more respectable person:

  • Discipline
  • Bravery
  • Industriousness
  • Intelligence
  • Compassion
  • Resourcefulness
  • Integrity
  • Honesty, etc

3. You’ll Earn Your Own Respect

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Having the respect of others is important, yes, but it’s nothing compared to having your own sense of self-respect. When you grow a backbone, more than anything else, the development of your own respect will be the most valuable asset you gain.

People come and go, and they’re going to have varying opinions about you. However, no matter what happens — good or bad — you will always be stuck with you.

So YOUR opinion of you is by far more important than anybody else’s.

That being said, once you grow a backbone, you will notice how much better you’ll feel about yourself. You’ll have more confidence, more certainty, and more self-appreciation. And few things will feel better than having these qualities anchored into your personality and character.

Additionally, this newfound self-respect will bolster your capacity for taking chances and risks in life. You’ll have a stronger belief in yourself and your abilities, and this will lead to your stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking on goals and endeavors you previously thought were out of your realm of possibilities.

In short, new doors will open up to you simply because you decided to grow a backbone.

Decide to Grow a Backbone Today

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing yourself grow into a strong, confident, and capable person. And that process begins when you decide to grow a backbone, stand up for what you want, and refuse to take other people’s bullshit. And that’s a reality that can be yours if you’re ready to become develop yourself.

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