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My Experience at Marina Bay Sands (Singapore’s Premiere 5-Star Luxury Hotel)

I’ve been living in Singapore for the past couple of weeks. Initially, I came here to train in martial arts; I had no intention of staying in a fancy hotel or doing much else other than training and writing. But my good friend Charlie (who met up with me in Singapore) offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a night in Marina Bay Sands.

I appreciate luxury. It’s a representation of how far one has come in life.

For this reason, I think luxury and the quality services that come with it should be enjoyed. And that’s exactly what I did at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s premiere 5-star hotel.

If you’re unfamiliar, Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s most exclusive luxury hotel. It boasts award-winning dining, first-rate shopping, the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, and more.

And my experience there was incredible.

It Feels Like a Dream

My visit here was my first real taste of luxury; the famous hotel felt like a dream. The accommodations, the exceptional service, the views, etc., were carefully positioned to convey the highest possible quality.

Our suite had a perfect view of Gardens by the Bay (which you can see through the window in the above photo).

I felt like a king; most people only dream of this kind of luxury.

On Top of the World

I was on top of the world; it was the most surreal experience. The Marina Bay Sands buildings are connected to each other at the top by a ship-like structure. It’s an unbelievable piece of architecture you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

And the best part?

When you arrive at the top, you’re welcomed by a whole new luxury experience you won’t find anywhere else:

And if all that wasn’t enough, then the exclusive access to the world’s highest Infinity Pool will be. The photo above is me “on top of the world” by the Infinity Pool.

An Experience to Remember Forever

Visiting Marina Bay Sands has been one of the major highlights of my Singapore trip. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Also, it has helped me realize I want these kinds of experiences more often. Not just for myself but for my family and those closest to me.

I want to create memories and experiences such as this with the most important people in my life.

I’m beginning to learn how important people are in life. Life truly is relationships. What good is all the money and success in the world if you don’t have anyone in your life to share it with?

That would be a shell of a life, hollow and void of any real connection.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a very rewarding experience. Your relationships with others are what make life worthwhile. Without quality people by your side who are with you through thick and thin, what’s the point of aiming at a loftier station in life?

My experience at Maina Bay Sands (and Singapore in general) has been one I’ll remember for the rest of my days. It has helped me realize the value that others bring to my life. Don’t neglect your relationships; they are essential to your happiness.

The Man Who Made It Happen

marina bay sands

This experience was the idea of my good friend Charlie. We connected in Singapore to train martial arts at Evolve MMA, and he suggested stopping in for a night at Marina Bay Sands. But more than that, he also foot the $1000 bill!

Big respect and special thanks to my man Charlie.

My Singapore trip was made that much better by having him join me. We trained together at Asia’s top martial arts academy, explored Singapore, and enjoyed an amazing trip all around. He continued his adventures by meeting up with friends in Australia while I remained in Singapore to train in martial arts at Evolve MMA.

Key Takeaway

Set and work toward your biggest goals. Because by going after your desires, you never know what experiences will open up to you. When I set the goal to train martial arts in Singapore, I had no intention of visiting Marina Bay Sands or creating numerous unforgettable experiences with a good friend.

But look what happened. Follow your intuition and your own path, you never the adventures you’ll go on as a result.

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