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3 Unique Ways to Easily Gain Massive Self-Discipline

Are you tired of letting your emotions dictate your actions? Have you failed again and again to exercise self-control in your life? The people who are the happiest (and most successful) exert massive self-discipline in their lives. In fact, according to a 40-year study, it was concluded that self-control was the determining factor for success in people young and old, high or low intelligence, rich or poor, etc.

This means that discipline is the primary prerequisite for a high-quality life. But here’s the cruel joke: most people suffer from embarrassingly low levels of self-control. So how do you develop discipline where is it not currently present? Here are 3 unique ways to cultivate massive self-discipline.

1. Use a Habit Tracker

Habits trackers are a very simple way to develop massive self-discipline. In a 2020 study, it was proven that habit apps are effective ways to intentionally adopt healthy, high-quality habits. In fact, the results suggested that habit trackers can:

  • Help form automatic behaviors
  • Improve motivation toward productive action
  • Support habits by directly bolstering the concept of habit building

All of this to say that a habit tracker is an excellent (although often overlooked) method for cultivating massive self-discipline.

And here comes the best part.

There are many habit trackers to choose from. You can find one that suits your style and preference so there’s no excuse not to use one to keep you on track. I like simplicity. For this reason, I prefer the “Habit Daily” app.

You add your daily habits to the app. Then, each time you complete the habit, you simply check it out in the app and can view your progress as the weeks and months go by.

Here are some additional choices for habit apps:

  1. Productive
  2. Way of Life
  3. Streaks
  4. Habitica
  5. Habitify
  6. HabitNow

2. Keep a To-Do List

Do not scoff at the simplicity of a to-do list. If you have difficulty with discipline, it’s because you’re ineffective at taking action. And keeping a to-do list can help eliminate that weakness. In fact, a 2011 study conducted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concluded that just writing tasks down can drastically boost your effectiveness.

And here’s where it gets very beneficial for you.

Using a to-do list is an easy and convenient way to manage your responsibilities and hold yourself accountable. And what’s more, you can begin seeing the benefits relatively quickly. It’s a proven method to begin gaining massive self-discipline in your life.

Additional advantages of keeping a to-do list include:

  • Organizes your daily tasks
  • Helps to keep you accountable
  • Ensures you’re focused on priorities
  • Reduces distractions
  • Adds order and structure to your life
  • Helps you remember your obligations
  • Gives you satisfaction as you cross each item off of it

Keeping a to-do list is a proven way to gain massive self-discipline relatively fast. And the best part? It’s ridiculously easy; anyone can do it.

3. Give Yourself a Lifestyle Challenge

Massive self-discipline is a character trait that must be developed. And like anything else you want to improve, you must practice it. So how do you practice self-control? Simple. By enforcing it into your daily routine, this is where I’d like to introduce you to the concept of The 100-Day Lifestyle Challenge.

According to (an independent mental health website run by health professionals), it takes between 59 to 70 days to form a new habit. For this reason, The 100-Day Lifestyle Challenge is a means of facilitating habit formation.

How does it work?

Simply decide on a discipline you want to adopt, and give yourself 100 consecutive days to practice it.

But here’s the secret to doing this effectively…

You must make success easy.

For example, if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, don’t set the goal to exercise for an hour daily for 100 back-to-back days. Instead, tell yourself you’ll exercise for 5 minutes daily for 100 days. Anyone can do that.

Remember this: In the beginning, consistency is more important than intensity.

The whole point of this challenge is to practice and develop your consistency muscle.

Next Step: Start Developing Massive Self-Discipline Today

Developing self-control is not nearly as difficult as many people make it out to be. In fact, with the right system, it can be relatively easy. Humble yourself, start small, and persist, and over time, a new life will begin to emerge. If you need assistance with developing self-discipline, be sure to check out my ebook to bolster your self-control and accomplish your grandest goals.

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