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5 Ironclad Mindsets Of Disciplined People (Number 4 Will Make You Unbreakable)

There is only one thing that separates the disciplined from the undisciplined: Mindset. In fact, there are 5 major ironclad mindsets of disciplined people that widen the gap between them and those who lack self-control. If you can master these mindsets, you’ll become unstoppable. And in this article, I’m pulling the curtains back on the mental attitudes that help disciplined people to achieve their grandest goals and dreams. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Disciplined People Think Long Term

“People tend to overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade.”

~ Tony Robbins

Disciplined people are focused on their futures. They have dreams and goals so big that their gaze is not set on the next month or two; they are fixated on the next three, five, ten, twenty years and beyond. Why? Because they know their major life goals aren’t going to happen overnight. As a result, they’re unbelievably patient and persistent.

This is one of the most powerful mindsets of disciplined people as it instills a mentality of persistence. And persistence if among the main ingredients for success in any undertaking.

2. Disciplined People Have An Empowering Identity

“The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity.”

~ James Clear

This mindset is a major divider between disciplined and undisciplined people. People with unwavering self-control see discipline as a part of their identity rather than a temporary lifestyle adjustment. This is why so many people fail miserably at being disciplined. They haven’t adopted the identity of a disciplined person.

And until they do, they will never remain disciplined over the long term—it’s impossible. When you can adopt the identity of a person with self-control, you see discipline as something you do (like showering and brushing your teeth every day) rather than something you have to try to force upon yourself.

Discipline becomes effortless at that point.

3. Disciplined People Know Everything They Do Matters

“Nothing stands alone; every let down affects the rest of your performance.”

~ Jim Rohn

When it comes to the various mindsets of disciplined people and how they differ from undisciplined people, this mindset may be the biggest differentiator. Disciplined people don’t see their acts as singular deeds. Instead, they recognize their actions for what they really are: A web of interconnected activities that all affect one other.

Everything affects everything else…

And truly disciplined people know it. As a result, they don’t fool themselves into believing that—for example—because they’re finances are in order that it’s somehow permissible to let their health fall by the wayside. When you let one area down, that failure will, like a virus, spread and infect every other area.

Conversely, when you start to clean up an aspect of your life, that improvement will begin spreading to other areas as well. Think of your life like a pond of fresh water… And each action you take—or fail to take—is like a stone being dropped into the water that then creates a ripple effect that permeates throughout the lagoon.

4. Disciplined People Have Faith In The “Unseen”

Faith is not the childish belief in magic… It is instead the realization that the tragic irrationalities of life must be counterbalanced by an equally irrational commitment to the essential goodness of Being.”

~ Jordan Peterson

The disciplined person has a clear view of the future. They have vision; they can see the “unseen.” They see the healthy and fit body of their dreams; they see their bank balance growing; they see their business expanding; they see their relationships improving, etc. In short, one of the most powerful mindsets of disciplined people is their ability to see what does not yet exist.

And it’s this faith (or belief) in the future that drives them to take persistent action in the present. People who fail to remain disciplined for any notable length of time lack faith in themselves and in their goals.

5. Disciplined People Focus On The Process

“Trust the process. Your time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.”

~ Tony Gaskins

Yes, it’s important to know the end result you’re aiming at. But it’s also important to recognize a simple fact… Most of the time, you’re going to be in journey mode. Meaning, the achievement of your goal is one small sliver in time. Whereas the process you have to go through to reach your goal will make up the 99.99% of your journey.

As a result, a strong emphasis on the process is essential.

This is one of the mindsets of disciplined people that will help you stay the course. You have to surrender yourself to the process. Once you decide on your goal and create your plan, you then need to put your head down, let go (completely), and get to work.

Wrapping Up

Becoming disciplined is simply a matter of mindset. When your mentality is straightened out and oriented properly, your actions (and your life) will follow. And the best part? You can start the process of gaining long lasting self-control today by signing up for The Motivated And Disciplined Newsletter below.

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