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How Running Can Change Your Life

Running can change your life.

Cardiovascular exercises (running, walking, swimming, etc.) are the most effective workouts for heart health and weight loss. For this reason, these exercises can be life-changing if routinely practiced.

I developed a running program when I began training for my first marathon. Since then, running has transformed my body, endurance, as well as my overall identity and self-perception. You may wonder why this is important or why you should even care.

Fair enough.

After all, if you’re going to invest your valuable time reading this article, you should certainly get something out of it. Keep reading to learn how running can change your life. But first, a personal story:

Learning to go the Distance

As previously stated, I started running in preparation for my first marathon.

At the time, in August 2019, I wasn’t a runner. Sure, I’d run on the treadmill for a little bit to close a workout in the gym. But I never considered myself a runner. However, to prepare for my marathon race, I scaled back on weight training to hit the pavement 3 to 5 days a week, gradually increasing my distance with each passing week.

This gradual increase in the distance every week built my stamina.

It also helped me develop a philosophy not only about running but about life. And that philosophy was simple: Never stop.

Let me explain.

When I was pounding the pavement, inevitably, fatigue would set in. And once I noticed myself becoming gassed, my instinct was to stop to catch my breath. However, this was the worst thing I could do because stopping threw off my rhythm.

Consequently, my “run” became a blend of a lazy walk mixed with a half-assed sprint.

I couldn’t seem to hit my stride again after stopping that first time. It was only after one running session that I pushed through the pain and discomfort, forcing myself to run the full distance that an interesting switch took place.

The Lesson of How Running Will Change Your Life

I began forcing myself to run passed the point of exhaustion.

And naturally, you would think by doing so, I would become drained and fatigued — but the opposite happened. Instead of feeling worn down, I became focused and re-energized! (Runner’s high is real!). A wave of motivation hit me as I became resolute and determined to complete each run.

My strides became fluid, my mind cleared, even the music in my headphones sounded better and become more engaging as I pushed passed the point of exhaustion.

And it was this fortitude I developed via running that began spreading to other areas of my life.

  • I pushed harder at work
  • Other exercise regimes became easier
  • My body became lean and tough
  • I had more stamina and endurance in my life in general, etc

Running can change your life because it teaches you how to push through pain.

This process will eventually lead you to run long-distance trials without the need for breaks. You’ll have more energy and stamina for other activities and goals in your life. In short, there will be more “more of you” to go around.

The stamina and persistence you develop from running is a quality you will carry into other facets of your life. I can push through discomfort and fatigue and put you in a positive state of mind that will allow you to go head-to-head with apathy.

Key Takeaway

Running can change your life due to the grit you develop.

As a result, you’ll be able to take the same determination from running and apply it to every others area of your life. So ask yourself, “in what areas of your life are you strong that you can apply that strength to areas where you’re weak?”

Your strengths are “reference points” you can use as evidence to push through in other endeavours. Allow these experiences to guide you to bigger and better accomplishments.

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