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Motivate And Inspire Your People to New Heights

Encourage Success. Generate Engagement. And Embolden Your Team Personally and Professionally

Hire Alex to Speak at Your Next Event

Alex is a riveting self-improvement speaker with a powerful message designed to help unleash your inner fighter to conquer your challenges, attack your ambitions, and unveil the best of yourself to the world. His determination to serve comes from an authentic desire to emboldened others with the warrior’s mentality to see them grow and improve. With dozens of speeches presented for businesses, organizations, charities, and special events, he can inspire and motivate your audience to new heights.

Alex delivers passionate talks on self-reliance, goal setting, and high-quality living that will motivated your audience into action.

Your team will walk away with:

1. The inspiration to set new and lofty goals (and a push-button system to achieve them fast)

2. A new eagerness to attack workplace objectives

3. A empowering sense of personal fulfillment that will translate to better attitudes, improved cooperation, and higher workplace productivity

4. The simple 5-step formula for achieving personal and professional goals

5. A proven method that will easily keep your team on track long after the motivation has faded

Alex’s speeches are filled with relatable stories, proven principles, and evidence-based action steps for goal setting and self-discipline that will keep your team performing at their best in and out of the workplace.

Seen on the Stages of…


Motivated By The Speech, Disciplined By The Message

becoming a public speaker

Alex pours enthusiasm into each presentation, electrifying his talks with authenticity and practical suggestions. Your team will feel a powerful sense of motivation to set new goals and make swift changes. However, it’s the underlying message of continual improvement that generates the discipline long after the motivation disappears.

Your team/organization will experience:

  • A sense of fulfillment

  • Greater Happiness

  • How to set goals they can actually stick to

  • How to develop perseverance

  • How to believe in themselves and their goals

  • And much more

Signature Speeches

1) The One-Hour Rule

Unlock consistency, persistence, and unwavering self-discipline with the One-Hour Rule. Alex shares his personal success formula in this captivating speech that details how you can massively shift the quality of your life with as little as one hour a day (Presentation also includes Alex's engaging signature Freestyle Rap performance).

2) The Warrior's Way

This breakthrough presentation provides the step-by-step process to empower and embolden your team to greatness!Cultivate your team's inner warrior with the fighting spirit required for success in any undertaking Mentality. Based on Alex's experiences training and teaching martial arts, the Warrior's Mentality is a state of mind based on resilience, persistence, striving toward your goals, and overcoming obstacles.This gripping presentation provides the proven framework for developing long-lasting self-discipline toward goal achievement.

What Other People Are Saying

“Alex is a highly motivated individual who believes not only in improving himself each and every day but also helping other people do the same…

This can be seen through his public speaking which he excels at every time he gets up on stage. He inspires and motivates audiences through his words while capturing attention through his presence which enables him to connect with every person on an emotional level. Alex has proven himself as an exceptional speaker!”-Arsh Saini, Project Engineer/ Fifth Avenue Place Toastmasters Club President (2023-2024)

Alex is an inspiration! …

His story of overcoming adversity and displaying an unrelenting resilience in the face of many challenges is something he is obligated to share. I personally have known Alex for a very long time as we went to junior high and high school together. His personal development from the young lost man he was before to the inspiring, well spoken, disciplined man he has become is an amazing journey to see. I am a Sales manager at the largest Volume Hyundai Dealer in western Canada (Country Hills Hyundai) and working with Alex I have been able to improve my Discipline, communication and overall leadership ability. He is currently helping me improve my public speaking abilities as well and I can wholeheartedly say he is a man of integrity whom I have enormous respect for. I highly recommend working with him if you are someone who is looking to improve in all areas of life and want to operate at the highest frequency you possibly can.

– Denny Kelts, Sales Manager, Country Hill Hyundai

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Receive Breakthrough Personal Development Tips Proven To Help You Build Discipline And Achieve Your Ambitions

We don’t spam!